Gut Health and Chronic Inflammation

Learn about intestinal function and resolving inflammation. Knowledge is the first step to restore normal function of the intestines. This course is part of a series that will empower you to prevent metabolic and inflammatory disease. Your gut health is critical to well being.

The microbiome

Learn about your microbiome.

What factors affect the composition of the microbiota? Why a correct balance is improtant?

Understand the role of your gut to control anxiety, depression, inflammation and other disorders including irritable bowel syndrome.

What are metabolites and how do they regulate our health?

LEARN and EMPOWER yourself.

Stress and the gut

Increased levels of cortisol impairs intestinal function and lead to leaky gut and IBS. Low intestinal function leads to anxiety and depression.

Course series on Gut Health

The first short online course is Launched. Stay tuned for the upcoming courses.

Dysbiosis and chronic inflammation

(upcoming course)

Learn about Lifestyle intervention to resolve

chronic inflammation.

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